How Multi-channel Continuous AI Chatbot Conversation Can Optimize eCommerce Customer Engagement


Fast and effective online customer engagement is vital to the success of any business, but it is particularly critical for an eCommerce platform that relies exclusively on online engagement.

For eCommerce sites, offering customers an easy-to-use interface is essential to optimizing customers’ online experience. The best way to achieve this is by using an artificial intelligence (AI) bot offering multi-channel continuous conversation. Multi-channel conversational continuity is the ability to keep a conversation going as it moves across channels, such as text messaging a friend and then moving to a voice call to continue the conversation.

Using customized AI to answer questions and engage customers across all available channels – including a company website, mobile app, social media, or even SMS or voice ­–­­ will lead to more satisfied customers, more efficient operations, and higher profits.

Reaching the “Low-Hanging Fruit”

An AI bot doesn’t completely replace the need for human customer service; Some customer issues are too complex and require deep expertise.

What AI can offer is a helpful form of supplemental service. By maintaining conversational continuity across multiple channels (i.e. email, webchat, text messaging), a bot can handle the more menial questions a company receives. Through the use of natural language processing, a bot can interpret common or frequently asked questions to give customers the quick answers they need.

For questions on fairly static topics like pricing, an AI chatbot can provide answers and links to product detail pages. More advanced bots can even provide product cards via channels like Facebook Messenger and SMS text messaging, further streamlining the purchase conversion process. Another common high value use is answering simple “one-turn” questions. The AI chatbot can provide answers to frequently asked questions based upon existing FAQ content. And when the need arises, it can seamlessly escalate the conversation to a human representative. This allows companies to adopt an integrated, multi-channel approach to online customer service in which AI is the first line of defense with a team of experts on hand when more complex solutions are required.

All of this helps save time for human IT help desk and customer service representatives. By letting an AI bot tackle to “low hanging fruit,” IT professionals can focus their valuable time on addressing solutions that call for a more engaged response.

Pre-Sale Assistance

AI bots can serve a valuable role in the pre-sales process by answering common customer questions about a product or service prior to a transaction taking place. Having an AI bot with the ability to answer common questions quickly and efficiently can put a rest to many pre-sale customer issues and ensure that a customer will be fully satisfied with the product or service, avoiding unnecessary returns or complaints after the purchase.

The travel website Kayak uses chatbots via their Facebook page to assist customers in the pre-sales process.

Modern AI bots don’t have to sound robotic or lack a personal touch; they can also create a more friendly, engaging, and conversational upsell/cross-sell experience. The end result: pushing more prospective sales to closure, better conversion rates, and higher order values.

Post-Sale Assistance

AI bots can also provide assistance when consumers are in need of post-sales customer service solutions.  AI bots can answer questions simply and in a timely manner, which helps improve customer satisfaction and enable long-term customer retention.

Additionally, bots can help drive repeat orders by simplifying the reorder experience. A good AI bot can be a cornerstone of customer retention efforts.

Capture Feedback

Customer service AI chatbot conversations also provide an opportunity to capture valuable data from customers after the bot has resolved their issue. AI bots can conduct polls and request comments on products and services, providing valuable feedback as well as user testimonials and success stories that can be used for future promotional activities.

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Reduce Costs

Deploying an AI bot to handle non-complex queries means staff members will be free to handle the high-level strategic issues that require a more nuanced and human approach. An AI bot helps streamline customer service operations so resources and funding can be redirected to where they have the highest impact.

Summary of Benefits

AI chatbots that support multi-channel continuous conversation can help your e-commerce site by:

  • Improving the overall customer experience and maximizing customer satisfaction through seamless, multi-channel continuous conversation
  • Closing the deal with prospective customers
  • Retaining existing customers
  • Optimizing and streamlining your customer service operations
  • Gaining valuable feedback and success stories that can help win more business in the future
  • Combining all these factors to increase your company’s bottom line profits
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