Mobile Search and eCommerce Site – Critical Features for Success

Terrace Consulting accelerates every aspect of enterprise... Mobile Search and eCommerce Site – Critical Features for Success
Mobile search capability and mobile apps for eCommerce shopping are necessary to engage consumers. However, the execution of a responsive design experience is imperative to close the sale.

When developing mobile shopping platforms, many sites overlook search functionality. As a result, this leads to lost sales and customer brand dissatisfaction. To create a cohesive brand and increase sales and loyalty, the store’s full website features must be included in the mobile version.

Why search functionality is important

Terrace Consulting accelerates every aspect of enterprise... Mobile Search and eCommerce Site – Critical Features for SuccessInternet Retailer research identified search functionality as a key performance indicator (KPI), finding that consumers who search for products are 200% more likely to purchase products. Unfortunately, the study found that most eCommerce sites lack the desired speed, results and customization that savvy customers demand.

Over 64% of survey respondents indicated that a search box was available, but with keyword match capability. Only 4% offer artificial intelligence (AI)-driven suggestions, based on previous purchases, abandoned shopping carts or item searches.

These results are a combination of mobile and full site storefronts. Moreover, these results underscore the importance of catching the sale while people are perusing items. Evidence supports that effective search results increase basket size and revenue per visitor. Despite this, retailers still believe the option is not viable.

The perceived cost of advanced technology is the main obstacle for implementing the available search capabilities. Fortunately, third-party vendors offer scalable options for companies with surprisingly advanced algorithms.

Building a strong mobile search function

Utilizing powerful algorithms, AI can suggest similar items, monitor and track abandoned carts and purchase history.  This creates a consumer shopping experience tailored to an individual’s tastes and preferences. Third-party technologies work within the existing framework of a company’s sales model. They cater to goal customers using customization.

According to Shopify’s best practices, eCommerce searches need to be intuitive to the user’s needs. Natural language processing and auto-complete assist are critical. A customer’s intent, what they mean even if not articulated correctly, also needs to be included.

Terrace Consulting accelerates every aspect of enterprise... Mobile Search and eCommerce Site – Critical Features for SuccessFor instance, a search for “shorts” may also include suggestions for other summery apparel and accessories, which can be narrowed down by filters.

In addition, third-party site developing tools can take machine learning a step beyond the normal functions. They create a custom experience as the person is active within current searches on the app. Be it a queried brand coming up in subsequent searches or changing merchandise pictures to a featured color, this customization should fuel sales.

How to pick the best third-party tools

If an organization has limited revenue, a specialized expert in eCommerce can aid mobile plan creation and advanced search functions. In the design and development phase, engage with an expert that has scalable options to fit any budget. Leading eCommerce providers, including Shopify, Magento, Salesforce, and Oracle, are compatible with plug-ins. These plugins create machine learning-powered product searching.

Industry experts like Terrace Consulting work with businesses to develop a comprehensive plan to improve customer experience and enhance mobile site functionality. Terrace Consulting offers eCommerce expertise encompassing man third-party companies, backed by 27 years of industry experience.

Contact Terrace Consulting to explore opportunities to create rich mobile eCommerce searches that drive increased sales.

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